We have several and hope that you can take advantage of them all.

Early Sign Up Discount

$100 off for signing up at least 5 months in advance.

Back to Back Tour Discount

We occasionally, schedule tours where it's possible to combine two in a row.  Do two tours, back to back, and take $100 of each of the tours.

Referral Discount

For 30 days after you sign up for a tour, we will give you an additional $100 discount for each new customer referred to Far and Away Cycling.  That is, you get $100 AND the new customer gets $100 off if they sign up for your (or any) tour within 30 days of your registration.  Just ask your friend to fill in the "referred by" box on their registration form.

If you are on Facebook, the easiest way to "invite" cycling friends is to visit the "Dream Machine" tab on our Facebook Page.  Simply select the tour of your dreams and hit "Share".  You will see and can edit your invite as you wish.