We personally go and check out a destination before it ever becomes a tour.  That means riding the routes on a bike, staying at hotels and finding local resources, if required.  A lot of factors go into making a particular destination "great" for a tour:  the roads, the people, the culture, costs, food, safety, lodging, likely weather conditions, etc., etc.  There is plenty to consider.  The bottom line though is we set up tours in the places we like.  There are many destinations that haven't made the cut, but that's OK.   I can't think of a single place that we haven't enjoyed visiting...even it we did not set up a tour there.

We are only able to schedule a half dozen or so destinations each year.  We are small and we have simply been to too many fantastic places to schedule them all annually.  Plus, we like keeping things fresh and exciting. 

That doesn't mean we don't love ALL our destinations though.   If you see a destination that is not on the current schedule that interests you, please let us know (post a comment below).  One of the great things about being small, is that we are flexible, and we want to go where our customers want to go.

Here is our current "portfolio" of destinations:

Destination Tour Length
Albania "Where the Balkans Meet the Med" 9 Nites
Cambodia "Angkor and Khmer Empire" 13 Nites
Croatia  "Istria and the Apsyrtides Islands" 7 Nites
France - Alps  "Alpe d'Huez and Le Belledonne" 7 Nites
France - Corsica  "The Isle of Beauty" 7 Nites
France - Corsica  "The Beast" 8 Nites
France - Provence "Gorges du Verdun" 5 Nites
India - Kerala  "In the Garden of the Gods" 13 Nites
India - Sikkim  "The Last Shangri-la" 13 Nites
Italy- Tuscany  "The Apuan Alps" 6 Nites
Slovenia  "The Julian Alps" 7 Nites
Spain  "The White Villages" 8 Nites
Laos  "Journey Back in Time" 13 Nites
Nepal  "Himalayan High" 14 Nites

"Tour d'Indochine"

18 Nites



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