Nepal Travel Info

The tour starts in Kathmandu and ends in Pokhara. The first night of the tour is September 26, 2017 in Kathmandu.  We have two nights booked at Hotel Kantipur so, there is some time for people to adjust to the time change.  Anyone wanting to spend additional time in Kathmandu should contact the hotel directly or use  There are also many other hotel options in Kathmandu.

Most people will book a round trip airfare between their home and Kathmandu.  There are a number of ways to get to Kathmandu via International airlines.  They will likely involve a connection and the best way to find the flight that suits you is to use search engines.

The tour ends in Pokhara.  There is one night scheduled in Pokhara and that is October 9, 2017 at Hotel Barahi.  Pokhara is the outdoor activity HQ for Nepal and there are things to do and see in and around Pokhara.  As with Kathmandu, you should either contact the hotel directly or use if you care to spend additional time in Pokhara. 

In order to fly out of Nepal, you will need to return to Kathmandu first.  There are a number of options, but the easiest and quickest option is to book the short flight back to Kathmandu.   Yeti, Tara and Buddha Air all have flights that take about an hour using prop planes and typically all cost about the same, approximately $110 for a one way ticket.  Since your return flight to Kathmandu is ticketed separately, you should ensure that the timing of your return to Kathmandu is unlikely to jeopardize your international flight out.

There is one other flight and that is from Pokhara to Jomsom.  That will be arranged for you and added to your bill since we all need to be on the same flight.