Chantal Briere (chatou)

About Me

World Traveller
Married / In a relationship
Travel, Biking, Reading, Social causes. Currently I am raising money for the Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation.

Born and raised in Quebec City, where I did all my schooling. 4 brothers and 2 sisters! Moved to the Washington DC area 15 years ago, and loving life here. I lived in Germany for 2 years and England for three years and taught English as a second language in Taiwan for a year. Worked at the Canadian Embassy for 15 years in Information Technology and Defense Procurement. Just retired in February 2014.

Ritchey Breakaway and a Novarra. I also have a Terry Mountain Bike
The Blind Assasin

Tour Info

N. Albania, Montenegro, Tour of Crete, Namibia
Corsica, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Vietnam, Laos, Indochine, Canada, India, Sikkim, Cambodia, French Alps, Albania, Tuscany, Nepal, Montenegro, Namibia, Peru, Crete
Ride the Rockies - Bike VA - Ragbrai - Ride across Arizona