+1 #33 Guest 2012-01-15 19:15
Sikkim is a once in a lifetime experience..."A dventure" with a capital A. The variety of cultures amalgamated in this small Indian state invite you in to learn and appreciate. As for is the BEST with challenging climbs and descents. Blue-green rivers snake below as you perch on narrow mountain roads awed by the deep crevices beside you. The views of the snow-capped Himalayas, the ubiquitous waterfalls, the pristine forests hiding wild orchids are some of the images seared in my mind. All this coupled with a heightened sense of spirituality gained from the ancient Buddhist tradition in its monasteries and the sheer beauty of the countryside surrounding you. This place should be on everyone's bucket list.
+1 #32 Guest 2011-02-15 20:28
We are glad (Doug my husband and myself) to have discovered Far and Away cycling.
Corsica, Spain, Indochina were just so much fun, so beautiful. What a better way to discover a country by bicycle. Bob took us to some of the most isolated, unusual places, but what a treat! I definitively recommend those voyages anytime.
0 #31 Guest 2010-12-10 10:19
I recently completed the Sikkim, India tour with Far and Away Cycling. It was fantastic. I love this company because it provides exactly the type of experience I am looking for. I want to experience the place I am visiting through knowledgeable local guides, exposure to the local culture, minimal 'tourist attractions', and great cycling. Somehow Bob also always assembles a great group of adventuresome, interesting, like minded clients. There is no mystery why all but one participant was a repeat customer! I highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking a challenging, eye opening experience.
0 #30 Guest 2010-10-22 16:42
This is about Laos and Spain and Far and Away Cycling, which sponsors tours for roughly a dozen bikers. These tours aren't for everyone. If you like a few miles of flat terrain with a bus to take you over the mountains, forget it! Bob Thompson, the tour director, loves mountains, scenery and adventure. Further, although the ladies on the tour are lovely, you will likely have a tough time catching them!
I second what Gwyn Kutz said so eloquently about the Laos tour. The weather was typically cool and dry and we met innumerable children on the roadside who shouted "Sabai dee!" and "Hello!" and "Good morning!" Similarly, all of the Laotians we met were warm and welcoming. Additionally, the scenery is simply stunning and the food is great! The highlight of our tour was a home stay in Ban Nalay/Muang Beng. The residents were very welcoming, and we had opportunities to do unusual things: bathe in the river, join in a religious ceremony, eat and drink with the villagers, watch school children performing an exotic Laotian dance, do our own dances, stay with individual families, and visit the local school.
Andalusia in Spain was cool, sunny, and great fun. This area is mountainous and beautiful, with goats, sheep, cows, rabbits and toads in abundance. The food was wonderful and the accomodations were more than satisfactory. Moreover, museums such as the Prado and the Picasso await you.
+1 #29 Guest 2010-10-08 05:55
The trip to Andalusia, Spain, exceeded my expectations. Every day was a new experience in a charming village. The breathtaking scenery is still vivid in my mind. I loved the challenging but doable climbs and accompanying descents, charming hotels, sunny skies, out of the way villages, and being with Bob who creates a conviviable atmosphere. This was an A+ adventure.

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